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Clarus Taxation – Taxation and accounting services

Clarus Taxation provides specialist taxation and accounting services to a variety of clients.

The focus of Clarus Taxation is on the provision of a high level of service, taxation expertise and value.  It achieves this by:

  • Taking a micro approach to the ongoing bookkeeping, accounting and taxation needs of clients.
  • The provision of ongoing and relevant taxation advice from a taxation expert to clients.
  • Charging a reasonable fee for work.  In most cases new clients of Clarus Taxation will see a reduction in their professional fee outlay.

Please contact Clarus Taxation for a complimentary meeting, email or telephone discussion if you have any taxation, accounting or bookkeeping issues to be dealt with, for example:

  • You are commencing a new business as a sole trader or limited company or you wish to leave your accountant / tax advisor due to high fees, lack of service or a lack of useful tax advice.
  • You are a PAYE / PRSI employee but you are a “chargeable person” i.e. you need to file an income tax return.  This is often due to earning extra income outside your salary e.g. rental income.
  • You are a PAYE / PRSI employee but you may be entitled to an income tax refund.
  • You need taxation consultancy services or advice in relation to income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, capital acquisitions tax, VAT or relevant contracts tax.
  • You wish to set up an Irish tax resident company from abroad to secure the Irish corporation tax rate of 12.5% on trading profits and Irish VAT registration.
  • You are moving abroad to work and you are confused as to your residence, ordinary residence and domicile status, what reliefs might be available and what structure (e.g. incorporation) you should be using.
  • You were made redundant recently and you believe you may be entitled to an income tax refund or you wish to secure tax advice in relation to maximising the tax efficiency of an upcoming ex gratia termination payment.
  • You are in arrears with the Revenue Commissioners (e.g. years of outstanding returns) or facing a Revenue Audit and you want a non judgemental and sympathetic service that will result in the best settlement possible.
  • You need a reasonably charged and high quality bookkeeping service.

Clarus Taxation provides high quality taxation & accounting services
to individuals and small companies.

If you wish to discuss your specific needs please contact us on 087 8363552 or email us.